Hudson Valley Knights of Columbus 

                              Service through Unity

Hudson Valley Conference

Hudson Valley Conference

Basketball Free Throw Championships


Saturday 4/6/19

1:00 PM

Doors open at noon

West Point 



Hudson Valley Conference - 2017-2018

The Hudson Valley Conference is part of the conference system employed by the New York State Council.
There are 3 Major Conferences, and within each major Conference, there are 4 Minor Conferences.
The Hudson Valley is in the Downstate Major Conference along with Capital, Westchester-Putnam, and Bronx-Manhattan-Staten Island.

Downstate Conference Officers
Anthony Zibella, Jr. (Capital)
Dan Keenan

Hudson Valley Conference Officers
ChairmanChester F Smith
Secretary/TreasurerCarl F Schneider

Delegates to Downstate Alternate Delegates to Downstate
Chester F SmithCarl F Schneider
Dan Keenan
Thomas Tompkins, FSW
Walter Wych
Peter Cassidy