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Free Throw

A word from our Worthy State Deputy regarding the 2021 Free Throw

Worthy Conference Chairmen and Chairmen of the Boards of District Deputies,

During the mid-year meeting, I indicated to you that I would have specific direction for the Free Throw Competition by the end of the year.

While Supreme has indicated that they will continue to support the competition, I believe that we need to be cognizant of the challenges of COVID-19.  Since some of the levels can have over a hundred competitors, and with regulations continuing to dictate gatherings and distancing, I believe we must be reasonable in our actions.

On behalf of New York State Council, I strongly recommend that councils do not conduct the competition this year.  District, Conference and State level competitions will not be held this year. 

This decision was not easy to make and was not taken lightly.  The Free Throw Competition is one of the events for which the Knights are well-known.  It can help build fraternity within a council and assists with council recruitment.  But at the same time as it assists the council, there are additional requirements to complete the event.  Volunteers are needed and venues must be acquired to complete fair competitions.  In today‚Äôs environment, councils may have difficulty acquiring the locations and securing volunteers, due to the risks of the virus. 

We need to be sure that we look to the health and safety of all involved.  Please stay safe during these challenging times.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Finally, may you and your families have a Merry and Blessed Christmas, as we pray for an end to this pandemic.


Wally Wych

New York State Deputy

Knights of Columbus