Hudson Valley Knights of Columbus

Service through Unity

Hudson Valley Conference

The Hudson Valley Conference is part of the conference system employed by the New York State Council
There are 3 Major Conferences and within each major Conference there are 4 Minor Conferences.
The Hudson Valley is in the Downstate Major Conference along with Capital, Westchester-Putnam, and Bronx-Manhattan-Staten Island.

Downstate Conference Officers
James McHugh (B/M/S)
Rick Ditrio (Westchester-Putnam)

Hudson Valley Conference Officers
Peter Cassidy
Secretary/TreasurerMichael Bunce

Delegates to Downstate Alternate Delegates to Downstate
Peter CassidyMichael JP Bunce
James A. Foy, PSD
Thomas Tompkins, FSW
Walter Wych
Edward F. Castellazzi, PSD

New York State Appointments

New York State Deputy Carmine Musumeci
 has made the following appointments.

Associate State Chaplain
New York State Council
Rev.Brian McWeeney
Father Prior for Youth
New York State CouncilRev. Dennis Nikolic

State Chairman
James A. Foy, PSD
State Chairman
Family of the Year
peter Cassidy
State Chairman

Major Conference CoordinatorTraining
Wally Wych
Auxiliary ChairmanTrainingKevin Davis

Minor Conference CoordinatorC & B
John Kelly
Auxiliary ChairmanC & BGerry Alberti
Auxiliary ChairmanC & BPete Albertson

Minor Conference CoordinatorMembership
Dan Keenan
Auxiliary ChairmanMembership (revitalization and development)
Dave Kibler
Auxiliary ChairmanMembership (Council Activities)
Peter Stafford
Vice Chairman
Ed Mead
Vice ChairmanMembershipMatt Lynch

Auxiliary ChairmanColumbiettes/ Ladies Auxiliary
Phil Discordia
Auxiliary ChairmanYouth (Squires, Scouts, Scholarship)
Anthony Spaziani
Auxiliary ChairmanYouth (Free Throw)
Carl Nabor
Vice-ChairmanYouth (Soccer Challenge)
Dennis Griffin
Vice-ChairmanAlbany Prayer Rally
Dan McNamee
Vice-ChairmanCatholic FamilyRay Bianco
Vice-ChairmanCatholic AdvocacyI. Scott Watkins
Vice-ChairmanCatholic Schools Support
Kevin Strommer
Vice-ChairmanCoats for Kids
Dan McNamee
Vice-ChairmanHumane Action
Chester Smith
Vice-ChairmanFood for Families
Bill Hunt